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Calls It An Imitator In Alleged Pamphlet
It’s no secret that that the 2021 Ford Bronco poses a serious threat to FCA’s Jeep Wrangler, one of the group’s most successful and enduring nameplates. But if this brochure, or pamphlet, if you prefer, which seems to have been made to educate Jeep’s salespeople, is legit, then it’s clear that FCA is preparing to go on the offensive well before the Bronco arrives in the market.
It’s not known if the documents that were obtained by the Bronco6G forums were created through FCA or independently by one of its dealers, but it’s pretty telling with Jeep effectively calling the Bronco an imitator as they say it’s the “sincerest form of flattery.”
The first page provides some basic information about the Bronco, but quickly notes Jeep has an extensive history that goes back nearly 80 years. That’s compared to the Bronco which has been out of production for more than two decades.
The document goes onto note several other “advantages” the Wrangler has including a fold-down windshield as well as options such as a power soft top and a limited-slip differential. It also makes notes better visibility as well as mirrors that stay on the doors.
While many consider the latter to be a downside, the document says it’s an advantage as people won’t rip their mirrors off when off-roading. Of course, many people go doorless more often than they go off-roading.
Speaking of off-roading, the pamphlet notes the Bronco’s crawl ratio of 94.7:1 isn’t available with the V6 engine or 35-inch tires. If customers want those, they have to settle for a crawl ratio of 67.8:1 which is beaten by every Wrangler Rubicon.
It then goes on to tout things like a Jeep Wave membership, a more off-road friendly solid front axle and organic owner communities. The company slams Ford about the latter as they said the Blue Oval had to hire a marketing company to build one for them. However, Bronco Nation states they are an “independent enthusiast community and the first to be nationally recognized and certified by Ford.”
It is also noted that Jeep offers more accessories and has a couple of interesting variants on the horizon including the Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid which will be introduced later this summer. Another thing mentioned is the Wrangler Rubicon 392 concept which previews a production model that is slated to have a 6.4-liter V8 with 450 hp (336 kW / 456 PS) and 450 lb-ft (609 Nm) of torque.
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